Wednesday, 3 April 2013


 Cause it was love TRUE LOVE 


i never thought it would end
in such a drastic and a hurting manner as it did
it started off very well 
we became very good friends
you cared for me like no one did
but i don't know how that care simply disappeared
I still don't know the reason why we actually stopped talking
you  always knew that i  love you 
but you never bothered 
i guess you took me for granted right ?
well its OK ,
I never told anyone about my feelings 
but i still thought you knew everything
what was all that stare about ?
playing with my feelings 
well again its OK,
i still thought that on that day we would talk
but no
you always kept your ego as a wall between us
those two days again gave me hope
but it again disappointed me 
your single word would have changed everything
but its OK,
after thinking a lot about it 
i realized your ego would never let you speak to me
finally i told u everything
it never went the way it was supposed to
all that late replies 
all those fights
all that time i had waited for your one message 
again it OK,
but when i heard about the 
sacrifice that you might do 
i was finally done 
i realized that we were just not meant to be together
it ended quite easily 
but i thought we would be friends
But its OK
after that we had a talk
that was the best part yet
but again it simply led us to a one more fight
then finally i realized why is it always me to 
tell my feeling for u 
i thought you would tell about yours   
well you didn't 

and you know what i had still loved you !

all i ever wanted was you
your trust 
your love
your faith
and your time

but i guess it was too much to ask for !

i just feel shame on myself 
letting you hurt me so much
my feeling for you have ended! 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

drastic ism  or something 


than that !

She had started feelingthis pain agony and this sufferingsis going stay with her forever.
It had been so many monthssince nothing was going right. Every morning she use to wake upwith just that little hope that now everything would go back in its place ,now thier life would again be full of happiness but what she really got was disappointment and nothing else. The worst thing was that she didn't even knew her fault. she had to resist all that torture because of no reason.She was finally broken into pieces. she was a young girl who just wasn't strong enoughto face the problems thatgod had made her stand in.